WordPress Plugin About Blogging Tips – Helps You Become a Better Blogger

WordPress is a great software for bloggers and there are many added features you can add to that software by downloading plugins. There is a WordPress plugin that will give you some ideas about how to become more skilled at blogging.

One of the first plugins to be written for Word Press was a plugin called, “Hello, Dolly.” Similar to the Hello Dolly format, which puts a line of lyrics in the upper right hand space in the Word Press Administration screen, this blogging tips plugins displays random blogging tips and suggestions. The tips are just some ideas of what you can do to improve the popularity of your blog and improve the content. All of the tips are designed to inspire you to be a better blogger.

Many people who have just started their blog will write a few posts. They may even get to write 10 posts or more. However they get to the point that they run out of things to write about and basically stop posting. Don’t let that happen to your new WordPress blog. Add this plugin to your WordPress blog.

It is easy to install plugins to your blog. You just download the zipped file and then open the folder on your computer. You read the installation instructions and then just upload one file to your blog. You will put it in the folder called plugins which is under the folder called wp-content. Then you look for the file in your plugins directory within your Word Press back office and find the plugin called “Blogging Tips.” You click on activate. Be sure you deactivate the Hello Dolly plugin if you are currently using that.