IE9 Embraces IE Plugins Development As It Gets Rid of Vulnerabilities

Festive season is round the corner, and holidays are about to begin. Many web applications exist to help users travel in a convenient way. However, browsing through the holiday locations on several websites, and surfing for the hotels around the place users wish to visit, is a bit difficult. In such a scenario, IE plugin development or installation allow users to view quick details with just a click over the place users wish to visit. Different IE plugins offer different functionality and serve the users according to their varying needs.

Due to its obtrusive browsing facility, IE became an obsolete browser a few years back. However, it made a booming come back with its latest IE9 version, which support HTML 5 extensively. With frequent patch releases, IE9 intends to fill all the loop holes in its browser to make it competent in the market. Its new patch targets eight vulnerabilities; including the one in which hackers can remotely run the code on user’s PC. Microsoft called its patch very important as the patch also fixed holes in earlier versions of the browser such as IE6, IE7 and IE8. The fix also worked for vulnerabilities in Windows, Silverlight and the Dot Net Framework.

Besides, its recent HTML 5 support for mobile phones made it an important choice for smart phones, as there isn’t another standard of delivering video that works across all major browsers. Along with its HTML 5 support, IE9 also fixes the bug that messed up Exchange Management Console.

With all the fixes, IE9 proves to be the most efficient browser, and actually has the capacity to block more Malware than Chrome. Several reviewers gave a clean chit to IE9 encouraging the IE plugin development in the industry.

Latest Internet Explorer plugin development

Today, developers have, openly, taken up development of plug-ins for Internet Explorer. Several newly launched IE plugins include Flash Video Downloader. This downloader installs easily enough, but the discreet icon often goes unnoticed. Once users know the icon, they can simply click the icon to download a specific Flash video file. One of its disadvantages is a hassle of saving the file with.flv extension every time. Flash video Downloader is only for downloads and can’t be used to play the so called.flv files.

Another trivial yet important IE plugin development is a Tiff Viewer and Browser Plugin. The Tiff Viewer and Plug-in allow users to view, print and edit any TIFF image on the Internet. It works as a standalone image viewer on user’s machine and also works as a Fax cleaner.

Reputed companies engage in custom internet explorer Plugin development tailored to suit business or individual requirements. Browser extensions play a vital role in helping users to perform any activity with just a click. Browser Plugins add various functionality to the browser, which users cannot perform otherwise. Several companies offer their own extensions for the browser; however, they include only specified services and don’t let users customize it. Moreover, there is always a fear of data theft and malwares in an extension from an unauthorized source. Reputed companies offer the convenience of custom IE plugin development at a very minimal price.