Firefox Add-Ons and Plugins

Firefox has many plugins and add-ons that a user can find very useful. This article serves as a guide to some of the most useful add-ons and plugins. It is possible to do a search for plugins at

These are some of the most frequently downloaded plugins.

A useful add-on for blocking ads is Ad Block Pus. You can choose which ad you wish to block. There is a paid version too which auto blocks ads for you.
Another is Greasemonkey. This will help download Flickr files and give assistance to Tweets. This plugin will add scripting language to Firefox that has the ability to be customized.

An add-on that makes downloading videos from the net easier is Video Download Helper.

To open a site that will not open with Firefox use IETab. This add-on puts IE within Firefox.

If you use eBay often then you will find eBay sidebar tool a great help as it can keep an eye on your trades whilst you a busy with another task.

A useful plugin to help organize downloadable files is DownThemAll. It will collect all files that are downloadable and gives them to you in a list so you can choose which ones you’d like to download.

NoScript gives you the option of closing down JavaScript programs, so you can select the scripts you want.

Ghostery is useful in that it will notify you of which sites that you visit have “Web beacons” that track what sites you are visiting.

Lastly, Linky is a useful tool for opening pictures or links on a web page. You have the option of opening them all at once or one by one.

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